Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday! Go Pats! I've just been looking at my numbers from the pool at work, and it doesn't look promising - (in order, Pats/Panthers) 1/1, 6/0, 8/5, 9/2. Ah well, there's always hope. Our pool pays $100 at the end of the first, at half time, and at the end of the third, and $200 for the final score. With my winnings, I would buy a Pats T-shirt and then have a massage.

I'm a bit sore this morning. Last night I was working on the computer, and then got up, wine glass in hand, turned and started to walk out of the room. Only problem was that Ruby was asleep on the floor directly in my path, and I didn't see her until it was too late. I stepped on her foot (poor baby), and then I fell, coming down hard on both knees. While I didn't drop the wine glass, I did manage to spill a considerable portion of it on the floor and wall. The carpet cleaned up okay (amazing), but when Alex cleaned off the walls with spray cleaner, some of the paint and plaster came off, too - so it looks like we'll be repainting at least part of this room. Worse though is that my bad knee took a pretty hard hit, got a lovely bruise/bump coming up already, and it's feeling mighty stiff this morning.

I went to get my hair colored/cut yesterday, and took the plunge - we cut a good 7 inches off. I love it, it hits right at my jawline, is kind of piecy - it curls in some places and not in others, so it's just kind of messy. She took a razor to it and thinned it out considerably - I feel like I lost 15 lbs. of hair. I'll be so grateful when it starts to get hot here, it was awful last summer to be carrying around this huge head of long hair when it's 100 degrees out. Check my Mac website in the next few days for a photo of my new 'do.

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