Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sorry for not posting yesterday - was busy all day long with work, and trying to get some studying done for Spanish class. Today looks to be more of the same, plus I want to try and spend some time with my Unix textbook - midterm exam is tonight.

I had my annual review at work yesterday, and it went pretty much as I expected. There was one twist though, some feedback from three people (who are not part of my group) who felt I deserved a lower rating, but only one of them pointed to any particular circumstance that made him feel that way. The other two were more vague (one of them made what I felt was a particularly personal set of comments - kinda out of place)...."not a team player" was one comment. I don't know if it's true that I'm not a good team player - I feel like I play well with and for my team, but I have a problem when the other teams aren't doing their part, and I usually say so. God, I hate the work "team" in the context of work, it's like it's not enough to say we work together or we're a group, we have to inject it with this false sense of camaraderie. Oh, it looks like my esprit de corps is absent today...

On the bright side, it's Wednesday, so I'm on the downward slope of the week, and next Monday is a holiday. It's snowing right now and is expected to continue snowing for a couple of days. Alex has started complaining about the weather (that's a first for him, he must be getting old), last week he said he felt like we had moved to North Dakota. He is right that it's been unusually cold for Boulder, cold enough that the snow is actually staying on the ground for days on end. My friend Kim was telling me last weekend that she had to plow through several feet of snow (she and Dean live waaaayyyy up in the mountains) just to get out of her driveway. For me, this is the best part about living in Colorado, that the seasons are so distinct, it makes you grateful for each change throughout the year - just as you start getting really tired of the snow, spring is here, and so on.

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