Monday, February 09, 2004

Last night's fundraiser for BCC went very well, I think. There was a $5 charge at the door, and we probably collected at least $400 that way. We also had a silent auction for items that had been donated - everything from haircuts and car washes to hot air balloon rides and rounds of golf. It was nice to see how many people turned out and were so generous. I bid on a hand-thrown bowl, painted a beautiful shade of purple, and on a child's sweater from the Himalayas - if I get the sweater, I plan to give it to Amy (the BCC director) for her little girl.

I didn't really get a whole lot done this weekend - I did spend some time with Joni and the boys, I did lots of laundry, went to the grocery store, cleaned the catbox - no manicure, pedicure, movie or yoga class. Will have to make more of an effort next weekend. I really want to see "Miracle", and at least that's a movie that Alex will be interested in seeing.

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