Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Okay, okay - so I haven't posted any photos of my haircut yet! Geez! I'll get around to it soon, just have to get a good photo. In the meantime, check out Ruby's web page on Dogster.com. I can't remember where I read about this site, but I went yesterday and created a page for Ruby. You can post your dog's picture and list all the things they like, and can set up a "corral" with all of your dog's friends. Now I just have to get Louie up there, too.

Unix class was a little frustrating last night, we spent a long time trying to make certain commands work, some without any success. Alex pointed out to me that it was probably a good lesson for me, as that is usually how it works when you're programming something. I'm not sure that my teeth are up for all the grinding involved. The only good part about last night was that I got my first exam back, and I only missed one - and he gave me partial credit for it anyway because I argued that there was technically more than one correct answer. I knew all those years of arguing with my mother would pay off.

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