Thursday, February 12, 2004

I spent a lot of time yesterday writing my feedback to my review. It's a fine line between defending yourself and coming off as defensive - I think there is a line there, and that it's appropriate, even necessary, to defend yourself from what you think is unfair criticism, especially in the workplace. It's also important that it not come off sounding like a knee-jerk, defensive response. While I think I did the right thing and was fair in what I wrote, I am of course second-guessing now. I gave my comments to my boss last night before I left so he could read them and digest overnight - I'm a bit nervous to talk to him when he arrives, which I hope will be soon so I can get this over with.

I got a call from Amy at BCC yesterday - turns out I did win both the bowl and the sweater at the auction! I'm very happy to have the bowl, and thrilled to be able to give the sweater to Amy. She does such a great job in a role that is low pay, low prospects, huge amounts of time and energy. She is just the sort of giving person that would take on such a thankless job and be fulfilled by it. She's also always been very good to me. In fact, she and I spoke at the fundraiser, and I think we agree that I'm going to take a few weeks off from BCC, at least until one of my classes finishes. I'm on the brink of burning out, and I don't want to give up on something that's always meant so much to me - but it's too much right now with work and school, so a break is the right thing to do.

It snowed hard all day yesterday, and was clear and beautiful this morning - and a balmy -6 when I drove to work at 7am. I think my mother is panicking about moving all of the sudden - this snowy, cold winter is giving her pause. I think she'll get over it quickly, but it's funny to hear her voice change on the phone when I tell her what the temp is on any given morning. She's experience it first-hand next week, she's coming out on Tuesday so we can look at houses for her on Wednesday.

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