Friday, February 06, 2004

A whirlwind of activity around the office today, and none of it good. None of it involves me directly, which is good, but everyone is incredibly stressed out and in need of a nap. I'm hiding in my cube and am considering going to a movie instead of working this afternoon.

Poor Thor (Mama's dog from Rick) had to go and get fixed yesterday, he kept trying to mount the kids. He's groggy and sleepy and Daisy can't understand why he won't get up and play with her. I know it only lasts a couple of days, but geez - the poor guy has been through a lot lately. I think he'll love living in CO - I can't wait to take him on the trail near the Boulder Reservoir. He'll be able to run through the fields, chase horses (no, he shouldn't chase them), and swim in the pond. I think Daisy will like it, too, although she'll obviously be moving a bit more slowly. BTW, Daisy and Thor both have their own pages on Dogster, now. Daisy is especially charming in her denim jacket (oh my God, is my mother turning into her crazy aunt that used to dress up her dogs at the holidays?).

Gotta go, lots of anxious visitors hovering around my desk. More later.

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