Monday, February 23, 2004

It's quiet at work this week - our company has an annual conference that takes place in Philly, so between people attending the conference and others out sick or whatever, there are about 6 people from my department who are in the office today. That works for me, because I have a final tonight in my Unix class, so I can use the quiet time to get some studying done. It'll be nice to be going to only two days a week of school after tonight.

No movement on the house in LA. I still think it will eventually sell, and for close to what we're asking, but it might take a while. Meantime, my mother is pretty unhappy still being there, I think she's ready to move on and get settled in her own life. We're looking at houses just north/east of Boulder, where the houses are older and on much larger lots, with lots of trees and open space. Perfect for two big dogs, and for when the kids come to visit.

I'm going to the gym today, I've taken to swimming at lunch (when I can get away). This week will be perfect, with so many people out of the office. Alex got me to ride the trainer (stationary bike) last night, my behind is pretty sore today. I don't know how people ride hard on bikes with those little, narrow seats! Ouch!

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