Thursday, February 19, 2004

Sorry about the weeklong lapse. I've been incredibly busy at work, and keep meaning to mother flew out on Tuesday night and went back to LA last night - she was hand-carrying a film to be screened in Denver. We were able to look at a couple of houses before taking care of her business. Unfortunately, all three of the houses we saw were eventually discarded for one reason or another, so it's back to the drawing board we go.

My situation at work has not been great - in fact, Tuesday I left the office in tears. The pain in my department (who I've taken to calling Leo) was particularly nasty and abusive all day Tuesday - at one point, I was getting a snotty email about every 15 minutes - I couldn't even get anything done, he was spamming me so frequently. After much thought over the past couple of days, I've decided to just do nothing. Literally. Not answer his emails or respond to his voicemails. I think that there is no response that I can make to him that won't be perceived as combative, so I just am not responding at all - kind of a "if you can't ask me nicely, I'll pretend you didn't ask at all" kind of message. I just refuse to become part of the problem, and if I end up arguing with him or complaining about him, then I am part of the problem. It just reinforces for me the need to move on, find another job, one with potential for me to learn something and be valued.

I'm getting excited for spring to come. The days are getting longer - it's no longer dark when I leave the house in the morning at 7am, nor is it dark when I leave work at 4:30. It's great, it feels like I'm being lifted right out of the winter gloom. I can't wait to see my flowers blooming, the grass turning green, the leaves returning to the trees.

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