Thursday, January 29, 2004

It feels like Friday...maybe because I'm taking tomorrow off! We have dinner plans tonight with our friend Kim, and then I think she and I will hang out tomorrow and see a movie or something. I'm meeting with an advisor from CU tomorrow afternoon about my current classes and whether or not they will transfer to CU next year, and what other classes I need to take between now and then. I'm very excited about school and continuing on with my education. I'm really enjoying both of my classes right now, it hardly feels like an effort, even though it makes for a pretty long week.

I think I aced my Unix test last night, plus I was able to start using mailx before he even started explaining it. That's one of the benefits of a class like this - I can pretty much move as quickly as I'm able, and then I just check in with the people that sit near me to see if we're all getting it.

Because I plan to take tomorrow off, I have a whole pile of work on my desk, so I'm going to get to it. I need to have a clear conscience so I can enjoy my days off and the Super Bowl party on Sunday (go Pats!). Next Sunday, we have a fundraiser for the Boulder County Cares project (one of the charities I work with) - live music & dancing at one of my favorite Boulder bars. Should be great, and raise enough money to keep BCC operating through the spring.

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