Thursday, January 22, 2004

This feels like a really long week already - and after only two nights of school! Turns out that after Tuesday night, I had to drop my Spanish class because the credits wouldn't have transferred to a four-year school (now they tell me!), but I picked up a different, more intense Spanish class that will transfer. I had my first Unix class last night, and felt semi-lost for the first hour, but then toward the end I had a good grasp - in fact, I was helping the guy sitting next to me find his way through the practice labs.

We dropped the price a bit on my mother's house in LA so that we can get it sold soon - I found a perfect little house for her in north Boulder, within 4 blocks of my house. It's more than enough room for her, the dogs, and any assorted family members who come along. It's also far less expensive than a lot of the other houses I've been looking at, and is ready to move in as-is - too good a deal to pass up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she gets an offer on the LA house right away so that we can pursue the one here, get her moved and settled by springtime.

Don't forget to watch the Pats stomp Carolina next weekend - GO PATS!

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