Tuesday, January 27, 2004

You have to love the sunny winter days in Colorado. It just couldn't be more beautiful. Yes, it's cold, but not a biting cold, and the sky is blue and as wide as can be. Makes me want to go for a long walk at lunch - maybe I'll take the tunnel behind my office building, which goes under the highway, and lets me out at Old Chicago! Pizza for lunch!

Good news from CA - turns out that in the end, my mother got to have dinner with her family last night. I know that she was very happy to have had everything work out. She told me they went to some great Italian place in the marina, and that the maitre d' was flirty with her, complimented her hair and kissed her hand. So it was a good birthday after all.

Ugg. Back to work. Drama in my department (as usual). I have one person in my group who is so high maintenance, I can never do anything right as far as he is concerned. This person is just small and petty, but it gets to me every once in a while. It's like this person would find a way to blame me if it rained on a day he wanted to play golf. I'm just waiting for the karmic wheel to run him over.

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