Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Academy Award nominations came out yesterday, and there are a few really cool things to note - Alec Baldwin has been nominated for the first time, for "The Cooler", and Charlize Theron has a pretty good shot at winning for "Monster" - go, Charlize! The Oscars are the only award show that I can get into, and I'm considering an Oscar party at my house. It's a perfect excuse to buy a bigger TV. Plus, Ruby hasn't had a play date with Louie in far too long.

I have a test tonight in my Unix class, and I'm concerned because the test covers the first four chapters of our text. The only problem is that the teacher has yet to teach from the text. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying his class and his methods, and I feel that I'm learning a lot - but how can you test us on stuff we don't go over in class?? It's a bit to complex to simply read and absorb. Anyway, the teacher seems like a fair guy, I'm sure it won't be anything I can't handle.

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