Tuesday, January 13, 2004

My company is moving to new offices this week, starting Wednesday evening. There is good and bad here - good because it means I have Thursday and Friday off work, bad because it means my Monday through Wednesday this week is a nightmare of packing and prepping and still trying to get work done. I've spent most of today at the new building, having volunteered to help our IT department with some of the last minute work.

My mother has adopted Rick's dog Thor - they fly home to LA together tomorrow. He's such a sweet dog, I just hope that he and Daisy (Mom's yellow lab) get along. Daisy doesn't share particularly well.

I made it over to the Stitchin' Den last night, where the lady in the store was nice enough to sit with me and walk me through everything I missed in Saturday's class. I was so motivated that I went home and started a new scarf - a beautiful soft lavender color that I think will look lovely on my grandmother. My friend Tara wants to start a crochet group, we have several friends who would be interested in getting together once a month. I need to learn how to crochet little hats for the heads of all the little people in my life.

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