Monday, January 12, 2004

I went to FL on Thursday morning. Rick passed away around dinnertime Wednesday, and we had a memorial service for him on Friday afternoon. One of his dogs, Thor, will be coming to Boulder to live with us (either my mother or me), once we figure out the best way to get him here. One bit of good news of late is that the LA real estate market seems to have recovered from the holiday slump, so it looks likely that my mother's house will sell soon, and she can make her way east to Boulder.

Since Alex and I had a lot of people over for Thanksgiving, there were almost no leftovers - we both love Thanksgiving leftovers, so we made another turkey last night, and he fixed his mother's gravy - it was divine. We fed Ruby so much turkey that she couldn't move, didn't even stir when I pulled her toes.

My knitting class started Saturday, but I was in Florida, so I'm on my way over to the store so that they can give me my materials and show me what I missed. I have visions of funky, chunky hats and scarves for all of my friends next Christmas.

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