Tuesday, August 03, 2004

We just returned from Kansas, where we had a two-day TrackAddix weekend. The event was a big success, with Saturday sold out and a bbq/beer bash that evening. Sunday was a little more calm, which is good because we were able to pack up a little bit early and get on the road. I'm still pretty tired - it's tough to get home at 1:30am and head to work by 7.

I had a training meeting last night with the rescue squad - I'm so excited at the prospect of joining them. I hope there won't be any hurdles with my being voted in as a member. They have a very structured program for training and advancement through their levels of accreditation - it would take me a year at the first level in order to advance to the next, with assorted training and scene requirements built in. It's a great group, they've been so welcoming to me. One of them is a lover of books and hits all the local recycling centers, looking for unusual stuff - he and I were talking at the first meeting I attended, and he asked me about the origin of the name Collofine. I explained that I had read it in a book I loved by Herman Hesse. Last night, he showed up for training with a copy of Wanderings for me, that he'd found on his recycling haunts.

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