Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I've stayed away from a computer for the better part of the last few days - it felt great, very liberating, but also very strange, like when I skip yoga or going to the gym - I know I should do it, but I can talk myself out of it and try to forget that I was ever meant to do it. That's how it felt to not check email for a couple of days.

I was roaming around blogs and sites the other day, and somewhere (I wish I could remember, so I could link to them) I read a list of things that made that person cry & things that made them happy. I liked the idea, so here's my list:

Things that make me cry
  • anything patriotic, especially the national anthem
  • any injuries to the innocent (especially kids & animals)
  • cruelty in any form
  • most movies on Lifetime
  • onions

Things that make me happy
  • when Ruby wakes up, sees me, and starts to wiggle
  • the first long drink of water after a good yoga class
  • my garden when it's just waking up from winter and starting to bloom
  • getting snail mail from my friends
  • how the boy smells when he's sleeping
  • peanut butter & chocolate

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