Tuesday, July 06, 2004

We got back late last night from a long two days in Iowa. We left on Sunday morning, arrived early evening at the track, stayed for a bbq and to watch the fireworks, then went back to the track in the morning. After a LONG day of riding, we hit the road about 6:30pm and headed back to CO. Of course, since we had to drive clear across Nebraska, nothing was going to be easy. We hit the weather at about 9:30pm - rain so fierce, and lightning so constant that I couldn't see anything. We pulled over to a little restaurant beside the highway to wait out the weather. Yuck! I haven't seen weather like that since hurricane season in Florida when I was a kid. We finally got back to Boulder about 2:30am - Mare was asleep in the car, I dragged her up and put her right to bed again. Meanwhile, I had to be back at work bright and early this morning.

My mother got a gig in LA this weekend, so she's leaving early Thursday morning, back on Saturday. I'll have the kids while she's away, and Joey is supposed to be leaving for camp on Saturday morning. However, Joey's been sick with what we now suspect is either strep or mono - either one presents a problem. I think if it's just strep, he'll still be able to go to camp, and just take his meds there. If it's mono, they might not let him come until he's better...we'll have to wait and see.

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