Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I've spent the better part of the day today working on homework - several hours this morning for my Oracle db class, and at least an hour this afternoon on Spanish. I'm going to be busted in Spanish class tonight because we're supposed to have completed homework and an oral presentation - I have about 90% of the oral done and maybe 15% of the homework. Oh well. I'll catch up sometime.

I went shopping this weekend for my home office. I've finally begun moving all of my files and assorted knick-knacks down to the basement and started getting organized. I bought a flat-screen monitor, because my old one was both too big and too heavy for my smaller desk. The new monitor wasn't very expensive (about $430), and it's wall-mountable, which will work really well for me. Now I just have to drag the computers down there, set up the switch box and the router for the wireless, and I'm set. I was hoping that A could help me with all of that, but he's swamped with consulting work - work that I'm supposed to be helping with, but I have no working office/computer right now. Quite the dilemma. I hope to get everything sorted by this weekend, when I'll have some free time to finish up the odds and ends.

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