Friday, August 27, 2004

Following the trend this week, I am "working from home" while HR sorts out the mess with my coworker. I know that they met yesterday to tell him that I had made a formal complaint, but I haven't heard from anyone (other than a strange hang up on my cell at 10pm last night - where the heck is area code 713??). It's a little spooky, and I expected my boss to call yesterday and let me know how it went, which he didn't. Today they're supposed to give him a formal written warning that goes in his file, which he has to acknowledge and sign. They all thought it best that I not be in the office when these conversations took place.

I'm already feeling overwhelmed in Spanish class, and it's only been two nights. There are people in there who are much further along than me, and so there's much more done entirely in Spanish, so I only pick up bits and pieces. I came home from school last night and told A that we needed to go to "all Spanish, all the time" - we'll see if that happens.

I bought a new desk from Target Online, it's a pine architects desk/drafting table. It's tall, so I can stand to work, or I can sit on one of the many bar stools I somehow acquired. It was a great deal, and I really didn't have a good desk. I'm going to Best Buy this afternoon to look at a flat screen monitor (just a small one!), and a switch box so I can have my three machines all hooked up to it. Once we figure out the connectivity issue in the basement, I'll be set.

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Anonymous said...

HI Kate,

FYI, the 713 area code is:

Houston, Pasadena, South Houston, Bellaire and Galena Park;

Good luck with the thing at work. Joni and I are sure things will work out in your favor. You did the right thing.

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: )