Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Boulder is doing something cool today - each year, they dig up and give away all the tulip bulbs that had been planted & bloomed at our outdoor mall that season (which they imported from Holland and spent $4,000 on). They say that the bulbs don't bloom reliably after the first year, and so they purchase new ones each winter to be planted. Starting at 10am this morning, you can go down to the Pearl Street Mall and get your free bag of 100 used bulbs, out of the 10,000 total that will be given away. I'm sending my mom down there, she has at least a few hundred feet of border area along her back yard that would be perfect for some tulips. While part of me is annoyed with the city for being wasteful and spending so much each year on something that they have to replace again 12 months later, I'm glad that they have a program in place to let everyone enjoy the flowers, including in their own yards.

We had dinner last night with my mom, Mare and my grandparents at The Cork, considered by many to be the best steakhouse in Boulder. They have a formal, pricey dining room, and then they have "the bistro" - in their bar area, there are some small, cozy tables, and a different menu, much more reasonably priced. They've been running coupons in the paper lately - buy one entree, get another free. I saved 3 coupons, so all six of us were able to have a great meal for about $70. I knew that coupon clipping would come in handy one day!

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