Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blogger is chugging along pretty slowly this morning, I think I had better get the FTP set up sooner rather than later. I will post more info before moving the site.

This is the last week that my grandparents and my niece & nephew are in town. It's been wonderful having them all here, many dinners together and movies and puttering around my mother's house. I'll miss them all terribly. Today they're taking a road trip up to Cheyenne, WY to have lunch. Tomorrow will be either the Denver Zoo or the Natural History Museum. Friday evening will be our last group dinner, and then everyone flies home on Saturday morning. *sniff, sniff*

Spanish class started last night and went pretty well - other than the fact that I feel like it's been 3 years (rather than 3 months) since I last had a class. I have the same teacher that I had in the spring, and sit next to the same woman as last spring, so that's nice. There's also someone from my office in the class, which came as a complete surprise to me last night when she walked in. We're talking about carpooling (she also lives in Boulder) a couple of days a week, it'll be nice to get to know her a little bit better.

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