Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'm back at work today, after spending the first part of the week up in the mountains at Keystone, where my company has a conference each summer. It's beautiful up there, and so quiet! I slept well with the windows wide open, the air is cool and smells good. My entire department was up there, and we celebrated a birthday (my boss) on Tuesday night with beers, pool and shots of tequila all around...Wednesday morning came too soon after that.

Maggie the Cat (for whom this site is named) was diagnosed with diabetes this week - an outcome that I suspected for quite a while. She's now getting insulin shots twice a day (every 12 hours), and the vet tells me that it should get her back to normal. My poor little fat cat, who isn't quite so fat anymore - one of the ways I knew she was ill was that she went from 16lbs last fall to 12lbs this spring. She's being a good sport about getting the shots, particularly given her history of hissing, spitting, and viciously biting me when unhappy. Still, it makes me sad each time I have to jab her, and I watch her to see if the insulin is bothering her, or if she hurts at all.

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