Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yeah, okay, I've been slacking. I've had so much to do, I haven't had time to write! My mother flew out last Thursday, and we bought a house on Saturday. Yikes! It's a great place on a big corner lot, so plenty of room for the two or three dogs who will usually be running around. We close on April 29th. Unfortunately, that means I might have to miss a track day on May 3, since my mom, grandfather and brother are likely going to be arriving on April 30. I've gone through my calendar for the summer, marking myself out for all of the days I'll need to travel to races. I'm really looking forward to this summer - Alex will be on his new bike, and it will be my second season, so I think I'll have a better time and get more out of it.

Work has suddenly become very busy, leaving me little time for my personal studies (can you imagine??). I had a week off from Spanish but start back again tonight, and the class runs through April, so an awful lot of things in my life will be coming to a head at the same time in a month or so. I did the embarrassing homework assignment (call my teacher and leave a message for her in Spanish) and am writing my Spanish film review today. I really like this class, and the teacher - so much so that I decided to wait and take Spanish 2 in the fall, because it will be my same teacher again.

For my female readership, I bought a lovely necklace yesterday from a company that my mom worked with at the Yoga Expo last year - Energy Muse. That particular necklace is for Prosperity - a fitting goal for me.

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