Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I can't wait to go to the pub tonight - I never get to go out anymore, and I MISS BEER!! I'm hoping to go early enough to miss all the drunken revelry. The weather is so nice, I would love to sit outside with a beer. Yum, Harp on tap. Yummm.

No school tomorrow night - our teacher can't make it, so I don't have class again for about a week and a half. She did give us an interesting assignment - sometime between now and a week from Monday, we have to call her cell phone and leave her a 2 minute message (in Spanish, of course). We'll be graded on our grammar, pronunciation, conversation skills, etc. I have to write mine out and have Alex help me with it. Hopefully I can get through the whole message without laughing.

Do you ever wonder about the song that's in your head when you wake up? I've noticed lately that the song running through my mind as I take a shower and brush my teeth is invariable something from my childhood. This morning it was the theme song from "The Jeffersons." That song prompted a thought that I really like -- it never occurred to me that there was anything wrong on The Jeffersons - I never thought twice about the fact that Tom Willis was white and Helen Willis was black. That makes me happy. Anyway, I can think of worse ways to start the day than humming "movin' on up, to the sky, to that dee-luxe apartment in the skyyyyy....."

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