Monday, March 08, 2004

It looks like we sold the house (finally) - I think we open escrow today, and will close in 45 days. Woo hoo! It's about time that cute little house got sold. My mother has been ready to go for quite some time, and I'm sure my sister is anxious to move on as well. Once some initial funds are released, my mother will come out here to look at more houses. I think she's still undecided as to whether to buy something quickly, or put her stuff in storage and stay with me for a month or so. Either way, it's nice that she's on her way and moving in the right direction.

Alex sold his motorcycle and has made arrangements to buy a new one, so we're driving to Iowa next weekend (with the dog) to drop off the sold bike and pick up the new one. Racing starts in a few weeks, so I'm sure there will be a lot of "tweaking" that Alex wants to do to the new bike. This season, they'll look like much more of a team, everyone on the same kind of bike, same colors, and Kim and I even have little matching pit crew shirts. Plus, Dean and Kim have bought an EXTRAORDINARILY LARGE trailer - Alex says it's like a condo on wheels. We're going to be very comfortable this summer....

Much work to do this morning. More later.

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