Monday, March 15, 2004

This was a busy weekend. Alex and I left for Iowa on Friday afternoon - he had a buyer for his Kaw, and we picked up his new '04 Honda. Pretty nice looking, I must say. It was a little sad to see the Kaw go, but we talked to her and explained that she was going to be able to take it easy now - no one would be sending her flying through the air at 100mph anymore (at least, I hope not!). We also got to spend some time with the new members of the race team, seem like really good guys. They're based in this teeny tiny town in Iowa, just past the Nebraska border. The wind never stops blowing there - morning, noon and night. It was good to get home though. We had stopped and bought a gift for Ruby - we found a stuffed dog that only had one eye, and thought it was perfect for her.

I feel a certain amount of relief knowing that I'm taking the summer off from school - it would have been too much, with a short semester and all the racing. Now I can go to all of the races, and work on my skills to help with the new site. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to quit my job later this year and do that full time. Maybe I'll take a seasonal job at the Gap and get that employee discount!

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