Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Our cleaning person came to the house for the first time today - Alex went home at lunch and says it's spotless! What a wonderful thing, to have someone else come over and do the thing you hate most. I can't wait to get home and enjoy my clean rooms!

We had the inspection today on the house in LA, and everything went pretty smoothly. I think he found only dumb stuff to note, like the screens on the bottom of the house next to the foundation were rusty - no kidding, rust happens when the house is 7 blocks from the ocean! For the money the buyer is paying, I think she can spend $50 for new screens if she wants them. Anyway, there was nothing major, so escrow should proceed pretty smoothly. I signed all kinds of disclosure statements yesterday, so I think our broker can handle every thing else from here.

Joni and I saw "Hidalgo" this weekend, and loved it. Really, it was so entertaining, and Viggo is soooo cute. There was some story in the news this week about historians contesting the studio's claim that the movie is based on the true story of Frank Hopkins - they say he largely made up all of his adventures, that there is no thousand-year-old horse race across the Arabian desert, that he wasn't at Wounded Knee, etc. In my mind, who really cares? The film was fun, it was a great story, it had the feel of a real story because of the Army at Wounded Knee and Buffalo Bill....Frank Hopkins died more than 20 years ago, so who gives a sh*t if he embellished a little? Besides, it's not as if anyone is going for the historical value, we all just want to watch Viggo for a couple of hours.

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