Monday, April 05, 2004

Not much news to report. The whole house-buying process is going smoothly. We had the inspection over the weekend, and the only thing of note is that it needs a new furnace, so I'll talk to the broker about having an estimate on replacement, etc. There are a few other little things, but nothing else major. The good news was that we determined that there are no obstructions in the ceiling/attic that would prevent us from raising the ceiling and putting in a couple of skylights. Plus, we have a good guy for fencing, I need to call him today.

It's going to be a busy month. Alex has 3 races in 3 different states within the next 4 weeks, plus he has to go to DC for business somewhere in there, and we're closing on the house in LA on 4/20 and the Boulder house on 4/29. I'm leaving town straightaway after the 29th to go to Brainerd for a race. There will be 2 extra dogs and an extra cat staying with us for about a month. I have finals in 4 weeks. I don't know how we'll do it. I should be allowed to take off the month of May just to rest.

One piece of "new" news is that my little brother got engaged this weekend! He and his girlfriend (Kimberly) have been together for a while, and they seems to get along really well. They're planning to move to Denver at the end of summer, I think Kimberly has some work/school lined up for herself, and my brother may be able to continue to do his current job and just work from home. However that works out, it will be nice to have them around, and to get back to the family tradition of Sunday dinner at Mom's.

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