Thursday, April 15, 2004

TIVO! We got TiVo! As my friend Joe said, Welcome to the Cult. It's pretty cool - and kind of ironic that Alex bought one yesterday w/out saying anything to me...I was just mentioning to Joe two days ago how much I wanted one. I've already set it up with a season pass for all of my favorite shows - "Alias", "The Sopranos", "CSI" and "Mythbusters" - and of course, the obligatory motorcycle races. We're already arguing about whose shows will get deleted first when we run out of room.

Next big purchase is patio furniture. Target has a set of wrought iron - round table & four chairs for $299. That's the best price I've seen, and I've been looking for a while now. I know I can get a better deal if I wait until the end of summer, but I want to have it for the summer. It's pretty pleasant on our back deck in the summer, would be nice to be able to sit out there on weekend mornings and after work.

Looking forward to this weekend - I'm exhausted! The only big thing I might have going on is that work is giving away tickets to the Avs game on Saturday - hopefully it will be my name drawn!

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