Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Looks like I'll be on my own this weekend - I had entertained the idea of going to Topeka with Alex - but there's so much I need to do this weekend, and it will be such a fast trip that I think I will probably stay home. Plus, we're going to need plenty of dog-sitting help later in the season, so I don't want to use up all the goodwill now. I also don't want to miss baby swim class on Saturday morning - or happy hour with my friend Michele on Friday night, or my shift at the shelter on Saturday, or my movie with Joni on Sunday, etc. I may try and do the MAM (Mid America Motorplex) race in Omaha on the 26th - that should be interesting, since we close on the new house the next day!

I finally got moved to a new cell phone service (only took two weeks) - but I kept my number, have a better plan for less money, and a new phone. Pretty cool. I'll have to see how it does on the road in all of these strange places we end up racing, but so far, so good.

Off to Target at lunch - it's like giving yourself a present.

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