Friday, April 09, 2004

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day....and a very good Friday it is! We're going to a local sports bar tonight to watch Game 2 in the Avalanche/Stars series, hoping to see another stomping by the Avs. Our neighbors, who we don't get to spend much time with, love the Lazy Dog Sports Bar, so we're hoping that they'll join us - even though they're Canadian and probably hate the Avs just on principle. We've also been invited to a couple of parties on Sunday, and I think I'll try to make it to one of them - my friends Frank & Julie are having people over, and that's always fun. They're transplanted Californians, too, and even though they're northerners, I try to forgive them and enjoy commiserating over the loss of Trader Joe's and IKEA.

After raining for two solid days, it's started to snow. We're expected to get nearly a foot tonight, although less down here near Denver. Lord knows we can use it - I'd hate to go through another summer drought like two years ago, and the fire danger that goes with it. This storm system has, I think, finally helped to put out the Picnic Rock fire up near Ft. Collins.

One last thing - I stumbled onto a cool site today - it's Books for Soldiers - soldiers or their friends/families post messages about books or magazines that are wanted by soldiers, and you get to send them an email or a care package. I'm thinking about posting a notice on the Intranet at work and offering to ship whatever people would like to donate. The only hard part is picking which message to respond to - there are so many.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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