Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We closed on the house in LA yesterday - finally. My poor mother is exhausted, she packed and loaded up a truck all day yesterday, and then spent several hours cleaning the house before she left it. I think she really is sad to have sold that house, but I keep reminding her that she's embarking on a new adventure, and will have a new house to love. She and her friend, Jan, are driving out next Sunday and will stay with me for a while. Alex and I leave on Sunday for MAM (Mid-America Motorplex) for a track day next Monday, and we'll be driving back on Monday night. We should get to Boulder about the same time my mother and Jan arrive. The following week, on April 29, we fly to Minneapolis to do four days at Brainerd. We found a pretty good deal on airfare/rental car, certainly beats driving 18 hours to get there! I'm excited to be going, I've missed the race days and all the riders and hanging out with Kim. As long as we have someone to watch Ruby, we're good to go.

Work and school continue to keep me busy, plus I'm spending a lot of time each day pulling together all of the paperwork for the new house that I'm buying (that my mother will live in). I just finished faxing another 18 pages worth of tax returns and credit history. I think this is the last of it though. We close next Thursday, and hopefully my mother can start meeting with contractors immediately about getting the work done.

Avs game on Thursday!! Tune in or be square.

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