Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Paperwork and more paperwork. This buying property stuff sucks. At least it's almost over. I spend a couple of hours every morning making copies, faxing documents, preparing FedEx packages, making calls re: insurance and inspections. Ugg. It's like having another job.

Speaking of jobs, mine is really starting to bite. I've got an HR department that doesn't want to do HR stuff, so it's now my job (no extra pay or credit for doing the work, thank you very much). Plus, because I was a "bad seed" last year, I have to go through some special written review process this year to make sure that I'm behaving myself. This despite the fact that I rebutted their comments (in writing) last year, took issue with both my review and the manner in which it was conducted. Do you think I got any response???? NO! Not a peep. So much for give and take.

When can I quit?

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