Monday, January 09, 2006

Apparently it's National Delurking Week. Say hello, won't you?

Sorry to bounce back from a long absence with a rant, but what the fuck is up with customer service lately? They really shouldn't be able to call it that anymore, it should be renamed "Customer Patience Testing Center" or "Customer Proctology Exam" or something. A couple of examples:

1. The CD player in my little Subaru died. It ate a CD and will play said CD, but won't give it back. Now, I like the soundtrack from "Garden State", but after being able to listen to no other CDs in the car for the past 3 months, I'm pretty sick of it. You heard right - THREE MONTHS. It has been two months to the day since I contacted the dealer about repair, they said they had to order me a new one and would replace it free of charge (under warranty) - and they still don't have the fucking stereo. How hard can it be for a Subaru dealer to obtain a Subaru radio? I call them faithfully every week. First they lost record of my service inquiry, then they had the stereo but accidentally installed it in someone (more pushy than me, obviously) else's car, then they seem to have this endless delay in ordering a new one for me. Gah! I want to sell my car, but I can't do that until the damn stereo is fixed. It's only a two year old car! I fear that by the time they get around to doing this, it will no longer be under warranty. Maybe that is the Master Plan.

2. My pharmacy is unable to provide me with birth control pills. Despite the fact that I live in the most liberal part of these midwest United States, it seems that my local, family-owned pharmacy is in fact in league with the uber-right or some such shit. They're supposed to mail my pills to my home each month, and for some reason just stopped sending them. My idiot insurance company won't let them give me more than one month at a time, and since I skip the placebo week (long story), I need a new pack every three weeks. I am now a week and one day late on starting a new pack. I keep offering to come get them, and they claim that the pills are en route, or that my coming in will throw off their schedule (like it could be much worse) -- so unfortunately for my husband, it's either no sex or we're back to the days of french letters. Oh joy.

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