Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's snowing once again today, and is supposed to continue through tonight. While it's making all of the local snowbirds happy, it presents a problem when you're supposed to drive 20 miles to the car dealership BEFORE work to drop off the car. Leaving my house at 7am would have normally allowed plenty of time for me to drive down to Thornton, pick up the loaner and drive back to work, and still get me into the office by 8am. Instead, it was close to 10am when I finally got in. The sort of good news is that I have my car instead of a loaner - I got all the way down there, and they didn't have the loaner that they promised they would give me, so I demanded that they move my car to the front of the service line and do the work while I waited. There may have also been smiles and batting of eyelashes involved - they did what I asked, finished the work in about 25 minutes, and sent me on my way with the promise of a free car wash if I came back again after the snow stops.

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