Friday, May 07, 2004

Oh my lord, it's Friday and I'm not on a plane or in a car or in another state. I can hardly believe it. My first weekend off in what feels like ages. Actually, today and tomorrow are somewhat busy, but nothing I can't handle. After work today, it's a haircut, then happy hour with my friend Michele, then dinner with Tara & Kelly (Tara being my friend, her husband Kelly is my realtor). Tomorrow I have a Mac class in the morning (how to use Appleworks), then run over to school and take my Spanish final, then down to Highlands Ranch to a graduation party for another friend who just finished his grad studies at CU.

My mom is really getting moving with the house stuff. She's met with some contractors and some fence people, and is starting to get some of the bids nailed down. She's also having to make lots of decisions about what is most important - painting the exterior over blowing out the ceilings, floors over beams in the ceiling, etc. Hopefully both the interior construction work and the fence will start early next week. Once they get the fence done and get some walls moved in the master bedroom, she'll be able to move in and live there while the work continues.

It's hot out! Cold beer is calling...

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