Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Can I just say again how much I hate Windows? Why is it that every MS application has to periodically crash?? I walked in this morning to find that all the budget updates I made yesterday (about 3 hours worth of work) were not saved because Excel crashed when I tried to close out last night. Damn! I know there's no use complaining, because this company is unlikely to ever allow us to use anything else for budgeting...although there is someone at work who has convinced The Powers That Be that we should be testing Macs on the network....yeah, the IT department is thrilled about that! They're positively wringing their hands at the prospect of a machine on the network that functions properly without their assistance.

It's been storming here the past few days. The other night there was thunder and lightning that was so amazing - the house actually shook during one roll of thunder. The dogs and cats didn't seem particularly fazed by it, although Ruby doesn't like the lightning (one eye, flashing light, go figure).

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