Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Since I'm currently running with the "things that happen on the way to work" theme, I'll give you another this morning. When I head west on Pearl Street toward my office, the road narrows from two lanes to one, and drops to a 30 mph zone. This morning, I was in the left lane (the primary lane, the right must merge into the left), and doing a little over the speed limit, when this ENORMOUS freaking SUV roared past me on the right, and cut over into my lane. He had been tailgating me for about a block, until he could pull out to the right. I started laughing out loud - the moment he pulled in front of me, he had to slam on his brakes, because there was another car directly ahead. He was forced to follow that car for five blocks at 30 mph, and I could see him banging his hands on his steering wheel the whole time. At one point, we were stopped at a light, and I caught his eye in the side mirror. I was still laughing at him, and I could see on his face that he knew it. I hope he felt like the complete idiot that he is.

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