Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I go out to lunch nearly every weekday with my co-worker, Greg. Today we walked up the Pearl Street mall to a Chinese place that I normally avoid, because I recall someone once telling me that it was very expensive. Turns out that they have pretty decent prices for lunch, and it was possibly the freshest, tastiest Chinese food I've had since leaving LA. They seated us at the very back of the restaurant, even though the entire front area was empty. I soon found out why. About 60 little old ladies (the youngest was probably about 65) arrived slowly in pairs or groups of three or four, and they all settled in for lunch together. They had special menus, and some kind of party favor at each place setting. It was really sweet.

Tonight, Alex and I are going to see "A History of Violence" at the Boulder Theater, part of my attempt to see all nominated films / performances before Oscar night. I'm hosting a party again this year, I think this makes three in a row. I would welcome any suggestions for nominated-film-inspired foods. We're doing Best Picture beer (5 varieties, which will somehow reflect each of the nominated films), and I have some of those plastic movie theater-style popcorn boxes, and we'll play Oscar bingo. What else?

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