Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What does Spring mean to you? Does it summon thoughts of flowers in bloom? Green leaves returning to the trees? Emerald lawns and afternoons sitting on them? While I do associate all of those things with spring, mostly (for me) Spring is about my hair.

Every year, in fact twice a year (Spring and Fall), I feel the urge to radically change my hair. It's a physical need that I have, the kind that causes you physical pain when you ignore the craving. Usually it's that my hair is too long, or too blond, and I have a nearly irresistible urge to have short dark brown hair. Photos of me taken over the last 17 years or so will display a wide variety of lengths and colors - but I think I looked best with my hair very short (maybe 2.5" long) and close to my natural brown, maybe a bit darker. Couple of problems with that now:

    1. A doesn't like my hair that short (surprise, surprise).
    2. Many more grays now, much easier to spot when hair is dark.

So this is my dilemma right now. My wedding is 10 weeks away, so I'm hesitant to do anything radical that I'll hate - but I also don't think I look like the real me. I'm seeing my wizard of a hair stylist, the lovely and talented Miss Shira, next week for a cut, and the week after for color. What to do, what to do...

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