Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Having a farking devil of a time finishing wedding invites. I've had to e some of our out-of-town guests for their snail-mail addresses so that I can get stupid invites out -- but that contact of course prompts questions about where, when, where shall I stay, etc. There is precious little room at the Inn - just enough for my best friend Vic, and the friend of A's who will perform the ceremony. Okay, maybe I can squeeze four or so more people in here....we'll have to wait and see.

I've got a simple page ready with hotel info, etc. Just have to carve out some time tonight to get that finished, then write the rest of the invites and get them addressed. The only other hold up is the little cards to go in the invites that tell people where and when is the reception. Gaaahh! No wonder people elope! Had I known....

I tried on my dress. It almost zips closed over my oversized bust. Damn it, I just can't get away from these things. I have now officially decided that it's crash diet time, because you know the tits is the first place you lose it. My great-grandmother was a lovely woman, but these are her boobs and this is her fault.

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