Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today's meme suggested by Amber:

    Accent: none, except southern when liquored up
    Bra size: wouldn't you like to know
    Chore I hate: weeding. spiders and crawly things everywhere
    Dad’s name: jan
    Essential makeup: powder with spf, lip balm, black mascara
    Favourite perfume: it varies with the season - i use vanilla in the winter, a peppery chocolate scent in fall and winter, and Allure or Layla in the spring and summer
    Gold or silver: never gold, unless it's white
    Hometown: winter park, fl
    Interesting Fact: the high chair i used as a baby also held the infant Teddy Roosevelt
    Job Title: websitter, marketing wench
    Kids: does a deaf, one-eyed dog count? if so, one
    Living arrangements: hubby-to-be and i live in a house he bought 2 years ago - a big, drafty place in Boulder, with open space and a creek behind us
    Mom’s birthplace: honolulu, hawaii
    Number of apples eaten last week: 3? maybe 4
    Overnight hospital stays: besides my own birth, one - knee surgery
    Phobias: runny eggs, spiders, rooms with low ceilings (hey, i'm 6' tall!)
    Question you ask yourself a lot: where the hell are my shoes?
    Religious affiliation: yes, i have one
    Siblings: one sister, one brother, both younger
    Time I wake up: 6am - you wouldn't know that's daytime for how dark it is!
    Unnatural hair color: blonde/auburn highlights
    Natural hair color: light brown
    Vegetable I refuse to eat: mushrooms
    Worst habit: recovering nail biter
    X-rays: teeth, right elbow (sprained), right shoulder (broken), most fingers (one broken), toes (2 broken), right hip (dislocated), knees(both ACLs torn), ankles (only sprained)...did i mention that i'm an unprofessional stuntwoman?
    Yummy food I make: gooey pasta w/ melted mozarella & filet mignon
    Zodiac sign: scorpio

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