Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The boy started TiVoing "MXC" a while back, and whenever we have a night home together where he's not glued to the computer (once a month, maybe?), we watch episodes of "MXC" (unless it's Friday, which is all about "Battlestar Gallactica"). Last night we watched 3 in a row, skipping over commercials, so about an hour - that show makes us laugh so hard! For those not acquainted with it, "MXC" airs on SpikeTV, and it's a Japanese program that has voice-overs in English - the contestants have to do a series of somewhat hazardous physical challenges which are themselves kind of funny (c'mon, it's funny when someone falls down!!), but the voice-overs are the best part - totally off-the-wall comments, and they make up ridiculous names and professions for everyone.

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