Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Our first track event of the season came off without any major hitches - we ran two riding schools (one for new racers and one for new riders), plus the regular track day events. Kim was so organized and well prepared - everything was ready for the customers, and she even fed all of us for the weekend - prepared everything in CO, packed it up and drove it all out to IA. I need someone that organized to plan the wedding for me!

A's father joined us for the weekend, and I think they both had a fantastic time. Unfortunately, he was supposed to fly back to the west coast on Sunday, with a connecting flight through Denver - and anyone who was watching the news on Sunday or read a newspaper on Monday probably knows, Colorado got hit hard by a blizzard on Sunday, which shut down Denver International Airport. We ended up having to fly him through Chicago early Monday morning in order to get him out of IA - but that wasn't too bad, we got to have another evening all together. The other bad news was that we weren't able to leave early Monday as scheduled...we were on standby and of course got bumped for all of the ppl who were supposed to have flown on Sunday. Another day at work missed. You can imagine how distraught I was.

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