Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What is the difference between a "sick day" and a "mental health day"? Not much, actually, at least not from where I am currently kicking back. Yesterday was a 7 hour budget meeting w/ the Big Cheese, and I am exhausted. That was just Round 1. Round 2 is in ten days, but will likely be much shorter. I've been feeling weak and achy for a few days, so I know a cold is coming, now it's just a question of how bad it will be. Hence my day of rest - I figure that if I take it easy today, I might not be quite so sick for the rest of the week and weekend, because I have a lot to do (and some of it will actually be fun!).

So, my schedule today is a little different:

8am - dropped hubby at the Park & Ride, where he met his coworkers and headed off to the airport for a short business trip.
8:30am - sent email to work, declining to join them today
9am - released doglet into the yard - if she had two eyes, they would have been crossed from holding it for so long.
9:30am - 'net surfing and catching up on blogs
10:30am - shower - mad hair today
11am - possibly meet my mother and shop
12-4pm - hmmm - movie? ("Flight Plan" looks like a good way to kill an afternnon)
4:30pm - head to school - Unix/Linux Admin classes start tonight
7:30pm - head to airport hotel bar to meet an old friend for a drink before he flies off to the East Coast
10pm - hopefully in bed, on my way to the Land of Nod

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