Monday, September 12, 2005

It seems that I have a variation on the Midas Touch. A lot of the guys on my rescue squad are action junkies, and they staff a lot of shifts, hoping for exciting calls to come in. Some of them will staff 3 or 4 12-hour shifts a week and not see a call. I, on the other hand, go over there to sort through Hurricane Katrina donations for a couple of hours, and a call comes in! Actually, that was the first call I've gone out on in months - I took a break when I was planning the wedding this spring, and now I've got school, so I haven't been around much. It felt good to be out there again, even if it was only to direct traffic at an accident site.

Speaking of school, I'm taking 3 classes this fall - Systems Analysis and Design, Database Design & Development, and a Unix/Linux Sys Admin course. I think I may have already taken the Unix/Linux class, I have to double check my transcript. People keep asking me what degree I'm pursuing or what certificate - I'm such a dork, I'm not after anything, I just enjoy the classes and I figure that all knowledge is useful, even if it's not exactly what I'm doing for work right now. Along those lines, I am up for a promotion in the new year, which would be a lot of database and web work, so it will all come in handy eventually...

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