Friday, August 12, 2005

We're thinking about going camping this weekend - which can mean one of two things. Either we pack up quickly after work and leave tonight, which means "car camping" (where you park someplace and pitch the tent next to the truck, and never bother to unload the truck bed), or else we'll pack tonight and head out at 6am for someplace three hours from here....I don't know which. I don't really care, as long as there will be fishing. I haven't been in a couple of summers and am missing it. Unfortunately, this won't be a full weekend trip, I have a party that we committed to on Sunday afternoon, so we'll need to be back.

Monday morning, I head up to beautiful Keystone for a work conference for three days. I'll sit in sessions for most of each day, but there will be a three-hour window on Tuesday when my girlfriend and I will sneak off to the outlet stores in Dillon. Need to find some trousers for fall. While I have always loved having long legs, it's hard to find 10L* or 12L pants in the regular stores. I end up buying most of my stuff online, where long sizes are plentiful.

* okay, I'm a 12 right now, but sooooo close to a 10. I can hope - I'm working on it!

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