Friday, August 05, 2005

This afternoon is just dragging by, and I can't even go home early today, because I'm headed to the airport after work and boarding a flight to....wait for it....OMAHA! Woo hoo! For one full day! Geez. Why can't we do track days in Hawaii, or Belize, for chrissake?

It's not that bad really - at least it's not 105 degrees there, like it was earlier in the summer at a previous track day. And, it's only for one day this time, which makes it infinitely easier to wrap my mind around. Hopefully there will be a nice piece of steak at the end of the day tomorrow (because really, why else go there?).

I'm reading various accounts of all the panels, meals, drinking and so on that took place at BlogHer last week. Dooce, Fussy, finslippy, jenandtonic, Suburban Bliss and many others were there, some meeting for the first time, others getting re-acquainted. I envy them the time they spent together, that they got to meet one another and maybe recognize a kindred spirit. You don't get that very often, do you? Go read some of their stories...

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