Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Last night, Joni and I snuck out while her twins were in the bathtub (okay, their dad was watching them!) and went to the movies. Well, the movies by way of the pub. Couldn't let a "night" out opportunity go by without a pint before the movie. Actually, I had a taste of one of the specials - a lager from Kona, Hawaii - not exactly all that I hoped it would be, so I stuck with old faithful, my Heiney. So we sat and we talked and we uncovered bizarre crossover friend-coworker weirdness, in fact it was so weird and potentially dangerous that I can't even write about it in a vague sense for fear that it'll somehow come back to haunt me. I know that's frustratingly vague, but believe me, this one could bite me in the ass.

After a drink or two and the world's smallest plate of nachos, we went to see "Must Love Dogs". Having spent many years adoring John Cusack (ever since "Better Off Dead"), I was totally willing to fork over the $8 to see it at night like a normal person, especially since the damn bargain matinee doesn't seem like much of a bargain these days, being that it's $6 (gotta save that whopping $2 (I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!) to go toward the $8 it costs for a small popcorn and small soda). I also happen to really like Diane Lane, in fact I have been told that I resemble her (on a good day) - although people seem to think I resemble a lot of other people. Anyway, the movie was "cute" - not so sappy that I am embarrassed to say that I saw it, but not SO good that I'd do the ever-annoying "You HAVE to see it" - unless you're my mother the stylist, who should see it because Diane Lane was beautifully dressed through most of the movie, and whoever picked out the jewelry for Diane and the other female leads did a ROCKIN' job. Beautiful necklaces, delicate earrings, all coordinated with the killer clothes. Of course, when you look like Ms. Lane, you can wear a burlap sack and some people will still go "ooohhh" - but she did look great.

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