Thursday, August 11, 2005

I saw a new eye doctor today - I don't wear glasses or contacts, but have started to feel like my right eye is getting a bit weaker, so I went to get checked out. I have very good vision insurance through work, and so I pulled up their list of Boulder eye doctors and picked one. Usually I would just choose a name that I liked and hope for the best, but this time I chose based on address - the new doctor is across the street from where I get my hair done, and what a coincidence(!)- I have a hair appointment today. Synchronicity.

The doc said my eyes are great, but that I am slightly far-sighted - very mildly, but said that I might be more comfortable reading at night w/ some of those drugstore magnifying glasses, at 1.50+ - coincidentally, the same glasses that I already bought and have been happily using for months. Otherwise, perfecto!

After the eye doc, I crossed the street to the salon, where I got the most beautiful color done - I have been blonde for years, but shortly before the wedding went to medium brown instead. While I like the brown and think it's more flattering, it was a little too dark and was much too "saturated" immediately after she colored it. This time, we went a shade lighter for the base and a shade lighter for highlights, and it's perfect. It's what I think must be my natural color (it's been so long, I can't remember), it looks so good against my skin. It's amazing how getting your hair done and knowing that it looks good just takes your self-confidence to a whole new level...

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